The Prodigal Son - God Today
Wednesday, July 12th, 2017John Bongiorno

The Prodigal Son


Hi, this is John Bongiorno with GOD TV and this is God Today. In Luke Chapter 15 there is a passage known as the ‘Prodigal Son’. It’s an amazing story about a son who asks his dad about his inheritance while his dad is still alive. His father gives him money, he moves to another country and he loses it all with wild living and he is destitute. As a young Jewish boy he finds himself feeding pigs, think about that. He finally comes to his senses and says “you know there were good things at my father’s house, I’m going to return and see if my dad will take me back just as one of his servants. So in his hunger and in his destitute state he heads back.

And the amazing this about this story, is that it really should be called, instead of the ‘Prodigal Son’, it should be called the ‘Prodigal Father’ because Jesus is telling this story and he’s really pointing people to God his Father.

And the part that really touches my heart is that when his dad sees him. Now his dad must have been looking every day and praying for his son to come to his sense and to return home. But he sees him from far off; and if you know middle eastern culture, old men don’t run; but this old man ran to his son who was coming home and he threw his arms around him. And you know this story, and he welcomed his home.

And I want to encourage you today, no matter where you’re at in life, that we serve a God who love you and cares for you, He’s waiting for you, He wants to throw His arms of compassion around you, and hold you close to Him, He wants you to come home today.

So let’s pray – Father I pray for all those Lord who are feeling destitute, those who are feeling lonely, those who have made mistake and feel that they can’t come back to God. I pray that you’ll help them today dear God, knowing that there is a loving Father with arms open wide, ready to embrace them. And God I pray that you’ll just speak to hearts today. And no matter what your situation is know that we can return home to the open arms of a loving Father. Thank you for your great love that you lavish on us. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.