Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

it is the voice of the Lord that gives us everything we need
Eric Gilmour


Hello God TV, I’m Eric Gilmour with Sonship International. I want to talk to you for a moment about Jacob. Jacob falls asleep putting a rock underneath his head, and once he does this his eyes are open. And when his eyes are open he sees a ladder going up into the Heavens from the Earth with angels ascending and descending. And at the top of the ladder, there is the Lord Himself. And after he sees the Lord, he hears the Lord’s voice and it give him direction, it gives him encouragement and it gives him confidence. It comes directly from the voice of God. He wakes up and he says “the Lord is here, in this place and I didn’t not know it.”

I am going to use this story to talk to you really quickly about keys to seeing and experiencing the Lord.

Number one, when he lays down he is resting. Rest is very important, not only rest but he’s still. When you lay down, you’re still. So he’s resting, he is still and then he closes his eyes to this world, and his eyes to the other world open up. And so I believe this is very important to us. If we rest and if get still, and if we close our eyes, resting our heads upon a rock, what does this symbolize? Well with Jesus, this is the rock of our salvation. And when we lay our head upon that rock it’s literally laying down our logic. SO if we’ll lay down our logic, rest, get still and close our eyes, what we’ll begin to see, is we will see the Lord Himself.

The angelic activity, and in the visitation of the Lord, is the voice of the Lord that gives us everything we need. And then we’ll be able to, like Jacob, say “the Lord is in this place and I did not know it.”

I pray in Jesus mighty name, that rest would come upon you like never before, your heart would get still, your eyes would close to this world and open to the next. I pray that you would lay down your logic so that your eyes can open and see the Lord and hear Him. And in hearing, and seeing and perceiving God you will receive all that you need inside of the awareness of His presence and person. God Bless You.