Exodus: The Lord Who Heals

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

I was praying for people every single day and I saw the move of God
Dr. Chauncey Crandall


Welcome God TV, I am Dr. Chauncey Crandall. I am a cardiologist, I am a physician and I believe in the power of God. You know if says in the Book of Exodus, in the Bible, that “I am the Lord that heals you.” Isn’t that amazing? “I am the Lord who heals you”. You know I read this, I went to a traditional church, they never talked about healing. They never laid hands on the sick. They never presented people to the elders to be prayed for and anointed in oil. But I believed, by reading this word, that God can heal today.

So guess what? I started praying for my patients in the office. And really at first I was somewhat frightened, how are they gonna take this? Are they gonna think I’m odd or weird in some way? But I found that when I started praying for the sick in my office I received a good response. And in fact I received patients that had many healings in their body. And it was wonderful. And to tell you the truth I started repeating this. I promised to God that would pray for one person a month, and then what I did is I prayed for that person and then that person turned into another person, and before too long I was praying for people every single day and I saw the move of God.

Brothers and Sisters I want to tell you that Jesus is real. He loves you and He is here to restore you and heal your body now.

Let me pray for you. Father God, in Jesus name, I pray for those that are sick. I ask that you would go to them by the power of your Holy Spirit, that you would touch their bodies, you would mend them and all disease and infirmity must go by your name Jesus. Father God restore them now, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.