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Monday, August 21st, 2017Dr. Chauncey Crandall

Personal Testimony


Welcome GOD TV, my name is Dr Chauncey Crandall and I’m a cardiologist and I am a physician and I’m a believer in Christ. And, I came to the Lord at age 19 in West Africa as a college student and for 25 years as a believer in Christ, I never grew as a believer. You know, I attended Church, I went to a Bible Study and I prayed occasionally, but my life radically changed in the year 2000, when we had someone in our family who was sick and I didn’t know how to pray and I didn’t know that you could pray for healing and I didn’t know that deliverance was available and I started running to Jesus and this story is just fantastic. 

I found out that we can actually pray for the sick and they can be healed in the Name of Jesus. Now I’m a physician and I use medicine to treat the sick too, but I have found as a practicing doctor, who believes in Christ, I can use the best of medicine and the best of Jesus to heal those who are sick in the hospital and who are sick at home too. 

It was a great revelation to me and it gave me such great freedom because we are presented with many impossible cases, many incurable diseases and as I walk down this road with Jesus I have found that we can pray for the sick, they can be healed and we can call on Almighty Jesus and I just want to continue giving you this message of hope that if we call on the Name of Jesus, He can come and heal our bodies and clean our wounds. This is Dr. Chauncey Crandall, thank you.