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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017Chris Mikkelson

1 Samuel Strength

Hey everyone, this is Evangelist Chris Mikkelson. I just want to read you this scripture found in 1 Samuel 30:6. It says “But David strengthened himself in the Lord.” In this particular chapter of the Bible, David was going through a very difficult season. His family and his wife had been recently taken captive and they were being besieged by the Philistines and they had been taken captive, the whole city had been taken captive actually, and David was in great grief. In fact his army was so upset with him that they were even talking of stoning David because he had allowed the enemy to come into his city and take all of their wives and their people off into captivity.
And the Bible says here, that while he was in such grief, while he was even thinking, these people are going to stone me, in that moment, the Bible says David strengthened himself in the Lord. My friends when you are going through something, I don’t know of anything better to do than to strengthen yourself in the Lord. Maybe you are going through some physical challenges in your physical body, maybe you are going through some financial challenges. Maybe there is someone that is opposed to what you do and is coming against you at work or in life or whatever. 
Friend, strengthen yourself in the Lord.  Get into prayer, get on your knees and encourage yourself in the Lord. Get into the scriptures and allow the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God, to strengthen you and as you strengthen yourself in the Lord, I believe God will come in, He will flood your heart with faith and hope and you will see the victory in Jesus Name. God bless you.