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Monday, August 28th, 2017Dr. Chauncey Crandall

Loss Of A Son


Welcome GOD TV, this is Dr Chauncey Crandall. I’m a cardiologist, I’m a physician and I’m a believer in Christ. You know all of us in our past have had bad experiences and I want to quickly tell you about one of mine. You know my 15-year-old son was very sick for four years and he had Leukemia and I battled that disease with everything I had in me, but the only relief I had was when I ran to Jesus. And then, one day, that son of mine, Chad, passed. I was in the hospital and I was so angry at God. You know, I wanted to run from Him. I said, “God how can this happen to this child if I have been with you and I’ve called upon your name? I don’t understand it.”

Maybe you’ve been hurt in a similar way? But I called on Jesus and I wanted to turn from Him and I said that day, “Lord, I have to make a decision. Either I turn from You or I turn to You.” And, that day, after going over my life and realizing that God was there during different steps, I turned to Him. And, guess what happened, joy came to me, after the loss of my son. It took time, but the joy came back, and life came back into me after losing that precious child, and that can happen to you too.

So if you’ve been hurt in any way, if you’ve lost a family member, I would ask that you would call on Jesus now. He can restore you. He can mend your heart. He can take away all the tears. Can we call on Him now like I did that day? Say, Jesus I come to you now, restore me, and come to me with the power of Your Holy Spirit. Come to me like you came to Dr Crandall and you took all the hurt away. I ask that you would do that for me now, Lord Jesus and I ask that in Jesus Name. Give me freedom and give me peace in Jesus Name, Amen.