Holy Spirit Evangelism 4 - Refreshing - God Today
Sunday, September 17th, 2017Russell Benson

Holy Spirit Evangelism 4 – Refreshing


Hello GOD TV, my name is Russell Benson, I’m the International Director of Christ for all Nations. The Holy Spirit is with us. God promised that He would send a Helper and He is working in us and He is working in your life today and when we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ He moves through us. He’s the One that brings conviction of sin. He is the One that brings truth alive.

He is the One who releases power through you. And, He is the One who brings times of refreshing in your life and in so many others. The Holy Spirit wants to bring a time of refreshing in you and through you, so trust in Him today. Rely on the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to use you and move through you for the furtherance of the Gospel.

So, I just want to pray for you real quick that you would receive the Holy Spirit and receive that time of refreshing promised through God’s Word. Lord, I thank You for every person watching right now and hearing the sound of my voice.

Holy Spirit I pray that You would touch them, work through them, refresh them and use them for the furtherance of Your Kingdom in Jesus Name. Amen, God bless you today.