Holy Spirit Evangelism 6 - Promise of the Father - God Today
Tuesday, September 19th, 2017Russell Benson

Holy Spirit Evangelism 6 – Promise of the Father


Hi GOD TV audience, my name is Russell Benson, I am the International Director of Christ for all Nations. You know Jesus spent three and a half years with His disciples but after His resurrection, it seems like the disciples just kind of scattered and didn’t know what to do. But then Jesus spoke to them before His ascension and told them something very special. That he was going to send them the Promise of the Father to them. It says in Acts 1:4 that Jesus commanded them not to leave, not to do anything, not to go anywhere until they received the Promise from the Father, the power from on high.

I don’t know about in your life, but I know in my life, I need this Promise. I need the precious Holy Spirit in my life each and every day because, without Him, honestly I am like those disciples before Pentecost. I am lost, I’m confused and I’m wandering. I want to encourage you today to rely on the Holy Spirit. Allow the Promise of the Father to come upon you, to equip you, to empower you and to give you purpose. Could I pray for you right now?

Lord, I thank You for every viewer watching me and hearing the sound of my voice. I thank You that they receive the Promise of the Father, the imbuement from on high, the power from God that is with them each and every day of their life to do all that You’ve called them to do, in Jesus Name I pray, Amen. God bless you.