Compassion for the Broken - God Today
Friday, September 29th, 2017Josh Baldwin

Compassion for the Broken


Hi, this is Josh Baldwin with Bethel Music. Welcome to God Today. So, how can we have compassion for the broken and for people who are mourning or broken people? When I think about this, I get that picture of Jesus whenever he was informed that Lazarus had died and it says he wept. He was saddened deeply and it’s just so amazing to think of Jesus, the man who would later come and raise him from dead first chose to actually mourn his death and mourn with his family and I know for me, it’s so key to ask the Lord to give me a heart for people who are broken and not necessarily just go straight into praying or hoping for the best, to actually go to where they are and be with them in that situation but also then pull them up, then bring hope, bring life to the situation just like Jesus did.

He came, he called Lazarus forth. So, it’s so important to see people where they are and to not let them feel ashamed for being broken because sometimes that happens. We all get broken. We all go through battles and pain. So, go to where they are but then pull them up, breathe life into the situation, breathe the Holy Spirit into the situation.

So, I pray right now, Lord, that you would just help us to not only just breathe life and your power into each situation, into each broken person but to go there with them and to maybe just see where they are and have a heart for where they are first and then pull them up out of it. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.