Moses - God Today
Wednesday, October 18th, 2017Eric Gilmour



Hello, God TV. I’m Eric Gilmore with Sonship international. When Moses in Exodus chapter 3 is on the mountainside and the bush begins to burn, everyone knows the story well. But something stuck out to me about what happened to him there. When the bush is burning, the Bible goes out of its way to say a specific phrase. It says that Moses quote “turned aside to see.” This to me represents and indicates attentiveness. So, the bush that’s burning is a clear representation of the manifest presence of the Lord and as Moses turns his attention to the presence, he’s able to hear his name, Moses, Moses and I believe herein lies one of the biggest issues with people that cannot hear God’s voice.

It’s because there is a lack of attention to the presence of the Lord but I believe with all my heart that if we will simply, like Moses, turn aside to see, simply give our attention to His sweet presence, what will happen is our ears will pop open and we will be able to hear and in hearing, God will be able to impart himself. When God speaks, inside of what he has said is everything needed to perform the thing he has spoken.

Let me pray for you. Lord, I ask for every viewer here that you would cause them to sense the sweetness of your presence even now and value turning attention to your presence, that their ears may open, God, to hear you. Amen.