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Thursday, October 19th, 2017Pam Hanes



Hello. I’m Pam Hanes with Pam Hanes Ministry and welcome to God Today and today I want to talk to you about what a blessing it is to have discoveries. As many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons and daughters of God and we have an opportunity moment by moment to be led by His Spirit, to discover new things as we are led by His Spirit. To discover means we get to be the first one to see, the first one to have knowledge of. It’s amazing as we’re led by the Spirit of God, all the discoveries He has for us every day.

A young explorer, a young discoverer was commissioned by the king and queen of Spain to discover new lands, to discover new territories and the way that he was able to discover the new territories was to go by an internal compass. At night as he was on the ship, this internal compass, the voice of the Lord would speak to him and tell him which way to turn his ship and as he listened and was led by the Lord, he was able to discover new lands. You see, it was in the late 1400s and there was no natural compass like we have today but only that internal compass that led him.

This young discoverer was Christopher Columbus who was able to discover America. I wonder what we could discover of all that God has for us not only internally the gifts He’s given us but externally. He did tell us to go and take the land. So, today I want to encourage you be led by the Spirit of God, put your hand in His hand and be like those who have gone before you with great destiny and reach forth hand in hand with Him to be led. Can I pray for you? Father, I want to pray in the powerful name of Jesus that you stir up the Holy Spirit in each one that is listening. They put their hand in Your hand and they say I choose this day to be led by the Spirit of God, a new course charted for each day. Let us set forth and sail to the new destiny God has for you as you were led by the Spirit of God.

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  1. May God open your eyes to question the lies your mind believes.

    Be blessed as your learn about the real Jesus and learn to speak only about Jesus from the Bible by the Spirit of God.

    Well isn’t that nice. Columbus’ initial impulse upon encountering the indigenous other was to think, “Hey, these people would make good slaves!” Columbus was barely off the boat before the native inhabitants were being captured and sold into slavery. Columbus wrote, “Let us in the name of the Holy Trinity go on sending all the slaves that can be sold.” Apparently Columbus was a religious man…proposing slave trade in the name of the Trinity!

    In Hispaniola the Arawak people were either sold into slavery or forced to supply a certain quantity of gold every three months. Those who failed to meet the quota had their hands cut off. That’s when the mass suicides began.

  2. Hi, I think the story wasn`t exactly like that. He and the kings of Spain thought that there was another way to go to India because they did not know that America was there so Columbus was trying to get to India and accidentaly he arrived in America.
    Nevertheless your thought about being led by the spirit to discover new lands is very good and wise. Thanks

  3. Father in Jesus’ Name, we ask You to set the course before us, to guide and lead us, so that we can fulfill our destiny in You. When You created us, You had a plan, and it was a good plan. Help us always to set our eyes on You and follow You. Thank You Father!

  4. We have a copy of Columbus’ log of his first voyage which clearly tells us that he used Dead Reckoning (DR) to navigate to America. He did not have an “internal compass” as the speaker tells us. Why the speaker would make a statement that is provably wrong is puzzling.

    I would also suggest that “discoveries” are not always something no one else has seen before. Discoveries may often be simply something that the Holy Spirit has revealed to us that we have never recognized before though others have already recognized it. Such an event is just as much a “discovery” as something no one else has seen. In fact, it may well be argued that personal discovery would be the more consistent and recurring use of the term than something unseen by anyone else. Ecclesiastes 1:9 ,10 tells us “there is nothing new under the sun.” The claim of “something no one else has ever seen” may serve our human ego, our sinful pride, but it is not scriptural.

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