Fear or Faith - God Today
Friday, October 27th, 2017Doug Osness

Fear or Faith


Good morning. I’m Doug Osness with God Today. Today’s verse is Romans 8:28. Probably one you’re very familiar with. Here’s what it says in the message. “That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God has worked into something good.” Every detail of our lives has worked into something good. Here’s a challenge that’s been a big one for me, been facing this every day.

We got a chance to make our decisions based on faith or on fear and unfortunately, oftentimes I go to fear and anxiety about the future and worrying; that’s not the best choice. It’s a way to really blow up your day in actuality. But every decision is a chance for faith or fear and it’s not the decision next week or two weeks from now or a year from now. It’s the decision today. Am I going to face it with fear or with faith? Well, I really trust God that He’s got my future in hand. This scripture verse is a promise of that. Every single detail, the good stuff, the bad stuff, the hard stuff, all is going to be used for good in the long run.

So, my challenge for you, for me, is instead of getting fearful or anxious about the future is you just trust. He’s got a plan in place and it’s a good plan. He’s a good dad and He wants the best for us. So, I pray today that You’ll just remind us that You’re in the future, You precede us, You’re ahead of us and You’ve got a great plan for us and I can walk in faith, not in fear because You’ve paved the way for this life of love. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.