Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

The way we get free from sin is by falling in love with Jesus.
Jordan Morris



Hi, I’m Jordan Morris with Together In The Harvest and this is God Today.  I want to share with you, very briefly, today about a topic that (most likely) is the most common asked question when I am out traveling/preaching the gospel.  And this is a question, from old people to young people, it’s a subject that doesn’t matter what age you are, people ask this question.  The question is this, “how do I live free from sin?”  It’s a very credible question and something I’ve often questioned in my life when I was first serving the Lord.   And something that I said, “God, I know that if I want to live for you I must live free from sin, but how do I do that?”

The first thing is to recognize that the human heart is flawed in ourselves.  Human nature desires a sinful lust of the world and there is nothing in ourselves that we can do to break free from that.  In fact, David in Psalm 51 even said this, “from my mother’s womb I was a sinful man.”  And we have to understand the law in the old testament still applies to many people today.  They live under the circumstances of “I’m a Christian so I can’t do this.”  And they set regulations in their lives thinking that these parameters will keep them from living a life of sin.  But, what we have to understand is that when Jesus shed his blood on the cross it was not only to wash away your sin but to empower you to live free from sin itself.  So, when you live under the parameter of “I can’t do this” the human heart will always try to overstep a boundary.  But, when you look at it like this, the regulation will try and constrain your desire from sin, but first love will set you free from the desire to sin in the first place.  The way we get free from sin is by falling in love with Jesus.  I’ve always said this, “the prayer closet is an open invitation to come and die.”  Whenever I go into my prayer closet and I adore the face of Jesus it is not set in parameters or regulation to try and constrain my heart, but my heart is set free by the one who shed His blood for me.  

I want to pray with you right now if you’re that person who says I want to live free of sin, wherever you are close your eyes right now and pray with me.  Father, right now I ask for every single person watching this short broadcast today.  Lord, I ask that you would draw them into your presence by your beautiful Holy Spirit.  Jesus, I pray that you would show them the vast price you paid on Calvary.  That not only did you set them free from sin in their hearts, but you enabled them to live free from sin for the rest of their life.  Holy Spirit, touch their life today. I pray in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.