Expectation is the Birthplace of a Miracle

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

I believe that you should walk with the supernatural power of God to minister and change lives.
Pat Schatzline


Hey, this is Pat Schatzline with Remnant Ministries International.  Welcome to God Today. You know what I’ve learned is, expectation is the birthplace of a miracle.  The Bible talks about this guy in Luke chapter 2, by the name of Simeon.  This fellow had had an encounter with God because he was a part of the Septuagint which means he translated the Hebrew into the Greek Koine, it’s how we get our Bible today.   And the Lord had interrupted him one day and said, “You’re going to see the Messiah”.  But, he was (at this point) almost 200 years old.  You know what I’ve learned? “Hope deferred makes the heart sick”, the Bible says, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life”.  

There’s this guy by the name of Simeon, who was waiting and waiting and waiting to see God, until finally – one day – he has an encounter with God in the temple.  But, not maybe like you and I think.  The Bible says that he walks into the temple (because it had been prophesied, “You’ll see the Messiah! You’ll see the Messiah!”).  You know what I call “the Simeon cry”?  It’s what he had prayed.  “Lord, don’t let me depart until I see your glory, the glory of Israel”.  Once you get a hold of that Simeon cry anointing, “God, I want to see you, I want to experience you, I want to trip over your presence.  

Here’s what I believe.  I believe you’re called to be a mobile upper room.  I believe your lifestyle should not change when you get to heaven.  I believe that you should walk with the supernatural power of God to minister and change lives.  But the Bible says, he walks in, he sees Mary and Joseph standing in the temple, and he says, “Excuse me, can I hold your child?”  And suddenly, as he holds the baby Jesus, he’s holding the Messiah, man this would do him in right here.  He was done.  The other priests wouldn’t have nothing to do with him because he had an encounter with the living God. And at that moment he said, “I am holding the joy of Israel”.  At that moment he turns to Mary and says, “He shall pierce the hearts of everyone”.  

Here’s what I want you to realize – we need a Simeon cry anointing.  That means, “God, I’m going to hold on in my good moments and my dark moments until I experience your presence until I experience your glory”.  Because you need to understand something, I believe this with all my heart: we are always about 15 minutes away from compromise, but you’re only 15 seconds away from His presence.  All you have to do is say, “God, I want the Simeon cry”.  I want to be the one that says, “Don’t let me depart until I see the glory of Israel”.  I want you to do something right now.  Whether you’re in your car, whether you’re at school, whether you’re at work, or you’re sitting at your kitchen table.  I want you to hold your hands out and say, “Excuse me, Lord? Can I hold your glory?”  You ready? You’re going to feel the presence of God. Pray this: say, “God, excuse me, Lord, can I hold your glory?”  Just like Simeon. You ready? “Excuse me, Lord, can I hold your glory?”

And God will overwhelm you with His love, His power, and His authority.  Because we are a part of the new covenant, He put off the first to pick up the second.  God bless you, have a day of encounter.