Whispers from God

Monday, December 11th, 2017

He is there for you and He wants to speak to you.
Jana Werner


Hi, I’m Janae Werner with Time To Revive and welcome to God Today. I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “Did you always think you’d be in ministry growing up?”  So, I’ve been reflecting on that lately, and honestly, I never thought I’d go into ministry.  I grew up in a Christian home and we were in church all the time when the doors were open.   But, it was more about a religion for me and less about a relationship.  

About 10 years ago, God rocked my world and completely changed everything for me.  We were in Santa Fe for an outreach and I was asleep, it was at night, my husband was with me.  All of a sudden I woke hearing the word, “J”.  And my name is Janae and my friends and family call me “J”.  So, I was startled, I thought it was probably my husband, and he was sound asleep.  And so, I looked at him and realized it wasn’t him and I tried to go back to sleep, and I heard my name called two more times, “J”.  All of a sudden, I’m awake and now I’m kind of a little bit freaking out and wondering what God is up to.

And I close my eyes, and like in Acts 2:17-18,  “Sons and daughters will prophesy, and young men will have visions, and old men will dream dreams”,  God showed me a beautiful picture of a butterfly.  And pretty soon the entire room was filled with butterflies.   It was a strange thing for me, growing up in a conservative home, but I knew it was God.  And I knew that next morning after praying through it, that what God was showing me in that night, was that He was calling me into a new beginning.  Into a new relationship and revival with Him.  And so, that night, for me, marked a new season in my life, a new period of complete relationship with the Lord and trusting Him to show me more.  

And from that point on, the Lord has continued to show me more and more of His heart and who He is.  So, that’s my prayer for everyone watching today — that you will experience God’s heart, that you will experience what He has to whisper to you in the middle of the night, or in your hard seasons.  That He is there for you and He wants to speak to you.

So Lord, I just pray for everyone today as they’re listening and watching this.  That they hear you in those moments when they need to hear you, Lord.  That you are there for them in a relationship. Amen.