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Tuesday, December 19th, 2017Dr Nasir Saddiki

Getting Out of Debt


Welcome to God Today! This is Dr. Nasir Siddiki, “”. I have another word to share with you and I pray it’s going to bless you.   It’s about getting out of debt.  What does the Bible say about getting in debt and getting out of debt? I want to go to Romans, in Romans chapter 13, we are going to look at the amplified version, verse 8:  “Keep out of debt.”  Could it be any clearer than that? “Keep out of debt.  Owe no man anything except to love him.”  To love one another.  Huh, I like this.  “For he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law.  Relating to one’s fellow man.”  So, what’s he saying? Owe no man anything but to love him.  

The debt of love will always be there because it was by God’s love that you and I got saved.  And because of that love, of course, we need to love one another.  But, he says “Keep out of debt”.  The Bible says that when you’re in debt you’re the servant to the lender.  God doesn’t want you to be a servant to anybody, but to Him.  He wants you to serve Him and not someone else.  

You know, you think you own your house, but you really don’t, the bank owns your house.  You think you own your car, you really don’t.  If God says, “Give your car away”, you couldn’t do it.  Why? The bank owns the car.  So, what does God want you to do?  He wants you to get out of debt.  And you know there’s practical things you can do to get your car paid off, practical things you can do to get your mortgage paid off, practical things you can do to get your credit cards paid off.  Learn these things.  Remember, debt is not from the Lord.  God wants you to get out of debt and stay out of debt.  There is life after debt and it is a wonderful life to owe no man anything but to love him.  

I encourage you, learn about the principles from the Bible on getting out of debt.  I pray that God is going to reveal them to you, give you revelation, and then practical things that you can do to get out of debt in every area of your life, and stay out of debt.  Let me pray for you for the word to produce into your heart.  I thank you, Lord, that we’ve read your scripture.  You want us to be debt free, to owe no man anything but to love him.   Let that word sink into every viewer watching me now, every person listening to my voice, that they get the revelation from the Holy Spirit to do all the practical things they need to do to get out of debt and stay out of debt so they owe only love, which is the only debt we will never be able to repay for all that you’ve done for us.  I thank you for this revelation, give you glory, honor, and praise for it.  In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.



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  1. Joseph Lalonde

    Loved this message from Dr. Siddiki. It’s a principle my wife and I have been trying to live out. We’re almost there with only a couple of years left on our house, then we’re completely debt free. And that’s a freeing feeling.

  2. Praise God, Hallelujah, this is a great word. You don’t hear it preached much but been out of debt frees us to serve God with all out hearts and mind. Thank you, I’ll try not to entangle myself again in this worldly system and I pray for those sons and daughters of our Father to catch this revelation and be free from debt, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth ,amen.

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