A Time for Healing

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Christmas is a time for healing, it’s a time for reconciliation.  It’s a time for all the pain to leave.
Jack Sheffield


My name is Jack Sheffield, I’m with Deep River Ministries, and welcome to God Today. I love heartwarming stories, especially around Christmas time.  I had a young man come into our healing center, his grandmother brought him in and she was so angry with him she said, “Do something with him or I’m going to kick him out.”  He was thrown out of high school for throwing a book at a teacher and his anger had just gotten completely out of control.  

So, he finds himself sitting in front of me in a healing room.  He’s angry, he’s expecting to be lectured by me and, he doesn’t want to be there.  So I just looked at him.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit will give you the perfect thing to say.  And I asked him, “When did the fear go in?”  And he looked at me.  He was immediately in a memory of his daddy packing the car up with his bags and leaving him on the sidewalk.  He was begging him, “Daddy, please don’t go, I’ll be a better boy.”  And he watched his daddy drive away.  I simply asked where Jesus is, “Where’s Jesus for this little five-year-old boy?”  And he looked at me.  He said, “He’s right here.  And He just told me, I’ll never leave you and I’ll never forsake you.  I said, “How does that feel?”  And he said – tears rolling down his cheek – he said, “I just thought you were going to give me a lecture, I didn’t know you was from God!” It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my life.

This young man joined my prayer team, he became a healer, he became a wonderful, wonderful member of the military, and one of my dearest friends.  And I want to just say to you Christmas is a time for healing, it’s a time for reconciliation.  It’s a time for all the pain to leave, and it’s a time where Jesus was sent by the Father to heal the brokenhearted and to bring duty out of ashes.