Christmas Announcement

Monday, December 25th, 2017

When you proclaim the goodness of God, God’s Spirit is drawn to the proclamation of His goodness.
Hank Kunneman


Hello, I’m Pastor Hank Kunneman from Omaha, Nebraska.  I pastor Lord of Hosts Church and also One Voice Ministries.  And I am coming today to declare to you, “Merry Christmas”. You know, when you think about Christmas, I love the announcement that came by the angels when they said these words, “Peace on Earth and good will towards men.”  One day the Spirit of God spoke to me and He said these words, ‘When did that change?”  If you think about that, before the birth of Jesus, the announcement from heaven by the Father was, “Peace on Earth, good will towards men”.  When has that changed?  I want you to see something.  You know, God is declaring good will towards men.  His wrath has been satisfied through Jesus.  As you look at your nation or you look at the nations that are in the Earth, it’s important that we have the understanding this Christmas that it’s the goodness of God that leads men to repentance as the scripture says.  But also, there’s something that’s connected to the goodness of God and it’s His glory.  Moses, as he was crying out, said, “God, show me your glory!” You know what God responded?  He responded with these words: He said, “Moses,  I will cause my goodness to pass before you.”  

Maybe you’re in a place this Christmas where it doesn’t seem like things have been that good or been that great in your life.   Maybe you feel lonely, maybe you’ve lost a loved one, or maybe this time of year rather in being a sense of peace or a sense of God’s goodness it feels like despair or frustration.  Always proclaim the goodness of God and here’s why.  When you proclaim the goodness of God, God’s Spirit is drawn to the proclamation of His goodness.  We know that because in the book of Chronicles they were saying these words (and I want to give this to you this Christmas) they said, “The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever.  And then [that’s exactly what the word says] the glory of the Lord began to fill the house where they were sitting.”

I believe the glory of God is going to fill your life, I believe the glory of God is going to touch your nation, I believe the glory of God is touching the Earth in a fresh way.  I proclaim upon you this Christmas: Peace, shalom of God.  I speak upon this Christmas the goodness of God overtakes you in an amazing way.  And I release an anointing now that breaks every yoke and undoes every heavy burden.  I call you “blessed” and I say to you, “Merry Christmas”.  Receive His goodness today.