New Beginnings

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Find your place and let the Lord put you in that place. You are going to be renewed.
Jack Sheffield


Hello, my name is Jack Sheffield, I’m with Deep River Ministries, and welcome to God Today.  I’m thinking about new beginnings.  New Year’s is all about fresh starts and it’s about transition and movement.  I want to share with you a testimony.  Last year was a tough year for me.  I ended up with my heart stopping, I had to have a pacemaker put in.  I was stressing myself out, I was killing myself with ministry.  And I want to tell you something – one of the best things that ever happened to me – was this sweet board that I work with in San Antonio, TX.  [They] said to me, “Jack, we want to bump you up to founder emeritus of our ministry.”  I was never more elated in all my life.  What happened was, a young lady came into my life, and she is a great administrator.   I’m not an administrator, that’s why I was all stressed out, and we turned that job over to her – she is the new executive director.  I got in my place of being ambassador for our ministry all over San Antonio, TX and all over the state of Texas.  And now, thanks to GOD TV, all over the world.  

In other words, when you  get yourself in the right place, when you allow the Holy Spirit the privilege of laying down that which is not working and allow Him to move you into the place of your gifting, you are going to find the greatest energy.  The greatest healing, the greatest wonder of ministry will come back to you.  He will restore your youth and your health.  That’s my testimony.  Find your place and let the Lord put you in that place.  You are going to be renewed and it will be a fresh start.