Shift Into Fast Forward

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

God is a forward God, He is leading us ahead and He’s taking us to a new place.
Brenda Kunneman


Hello, friend, I’m Brenda Kunneman of Lord of Hosts Church and One Voice Ministries in Omaha, Nebraska, welcome to God Today. You know, the Spirit of the Lord, spoke a word to me recently.  He said, “It is time for my people to get out of rewind and shift into fast forward.”  The scripture tells us in Isaiah 42:9, it says, “Behold the former season has come to pass and new things [come on, did you hear that now?] new things are being declared.”  This is what God is saying over his people right now.  Too many of us are rehearsing the negatives of the past, we are thinking about all of the disappointments many times.  You know, that is so easy for people to do.

Think about those that maybe betrayed you, somebody that didn’t treat you right.  Maybe something unfair that happened, maybe it’s a lost business or a house, maybe a lost relationship that sometimes the enemy wants to keep throwing back up in our face, so we carry that into the next season.  God is saying it’s time to put the past season behind us and look to the new season before us, and not rewind and rehearse those things.  The apostle Paul said these words, “This one thing I do [Philippians chapter 3], I press toward the things that are before me.”  But before we can press to the things that are before, Paul said, “I have to forget about that stuff that’s over my shoulder.”

We can’t keep looking in the rear view mirror because God is a forward God, He is leading us ahead and He’s taking us to a new place.  So, I want to prophesy right now.  In the name of Jesus, I speak over your life, and I declare that all the negatives of the past are erased from your thoughts and your memory, I take authority over every bad memory, any place where your past, any place where your yesterday has tried to come up and haunt you.  I break the power of that and I say the devil cannot come in and try to hold that over you any longer.  I break that hindrance in the name of Jesus and I declare a new season is upon you that you are being led to see what God has on the horizon before your life.  I’m going to say this to you – it’s a good thing, it’s a blessed thing.  There is something that God is doing so shift today into fast forward and see what heaven has for your life.  I promise you it’s going to be good – in Jesus’ name.