Isaiah 40:5

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

It is the time and the season when all flesh together shall see His glory.
Robert Henderson


This is Robert Henderson and this is God Today. Lord bless you so much, you know we are entering into a New Year again all over the world – in January.  We are actually moving into a time where we celebrate and let go of the old and move into the new.  You know, I was reminded of Isaiah chapter 40 and verse 5, because the Bible makes a promise there.  It says, “The Earth shall be filled with all the glory of the Lord and all flesh together shall see it.”  I mean, stop and think about that.  All flesh together – all at one time seeing the manifest glory of God.  We know that will happen when Jesus physically comes back.  But, I don’t know that that’s exactly what that’s talking about.  

I believe when it says “all flesh together shall see the glory”, that there’s going to be such a massive, sweeping move of God that literally, literally the glory of God will so emanate within culture and within the Earth that we will stand astounded and amazed at who He is.  You see, I believe we have that to look forward to in 2018.   I believe this is the year, this is the time that we are going into the gate, literally, into a wide and a broad place.  I think it’s Psalm 68 that talks about God bringing us into that wide, that glorious gate.  

Here’s what I hear the Lord saying:  God wants you to raise your expectation, raise your realm of faith and believe that 2018 is not going to be repeat of 2017, but you’re actually stepping out of the old and stepping into the new.  It is the time and the season when all flesh together shall see His glory.  I hear the Lord saying this is the time to shake free from grief, to shake free from sorrow, to shake free from the old season, the old places.  Begin to move into the new that God has.  That you and your family (and literally I say all the Earth) shall see the manifest glory of God.  We are living on the brink of history let’s step into it and grab it with all the gusto and faith we can and move into the new thing of God.  Lord bless you.