Days of Noah

Monday, January 1st, 2018

This New Year is about same day blessings.  Start asking God for those same day blessings.
Hank Kunneman


Happy New Year! Hello, I’m Pastor Hank Kunneman, I pastor Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska, and also One Voice Ministries with my wonderful wife, Brenda.  

I have a prophetic word for you today that God has specifically spoken in this season.  And here’s what it is, it happened right around the time of the Jewish New Year, God began to proclaim His word.  And I want you to hear this word because this word is relevant whether it was the Jewish New Year or this New Year that we are celebrating right now on the Earth.  And here’s what it is.  In the days of Noah, we always talk about the days of Noah, but I want to bring you back to the days of Noah.  Genesis 7:11, and this is the prophetic word that is for you.  It says, “In the 600th year of Noah’s life, on the 17th day of the month, the same day [now I want you to hear that] the same day the great fountains of the deep broke open and the windows of heaven were opened.  God is declaring what has taken years, what has taken months, what has taken days.  There is an anointing of acceleration now where things are going to begin in this New Year.  Yes, right there for your life, absolutely.  Same day blessings are coming.  

You know, Jesus taught us to expect, He taught us to pray, He taught us to declare same day blessings.  Here’s what He said, in Matthew 6:11, and He was even teaching his apostles when they asked Him how to pray.  He said, “When you pray you say, ‘Our Father’, but you say, ‘Give us THIS day, our daily bread.’”  

“This day” is not tomorrow, “this day” is not a week, “this day” means the same day.  This New Year is about same day blessings.  Start asking God for those same day blessings, start waking up and expecting same day blessings, things that have been delayed in the years, the months, leading up to this New Year.  I’m telling you, you will take the time to say “Our Father, give me this day, my same day blessings”.   I pronounce that upon you, in the name of Jesus.  Let the same day blessings of God come now and be released in this new season, and this new year, and watch God’s goodness overtake you on every side.