100 Times

Friday, January 12th, 2018

He is seeking your heart...and that’s all that He wants, is to spend time with us.
Janae Werner


Hi, I’m Janae Werner with Time To Revive and welcome to God Today. So, hopefully, you can all relate to this story a little bit, I think, with the busy-ness of life, that we all deal with – all of the different things going on.  But, one particular day I was really wrestling with the busy-ness.  My habit is normally to sit with the Lord on the morning – to get my day started – just seeking the Lord.  That particular day I had my three kids and my two nephews and we were busy and we had lots of stuff going on.  And so I got busy with life, and I said to the Lord, “I’ll come back to you…Maybe around lunch, I can get the kids settled and busy.  I’ll come back.”  

I went about my day and I kept thinking about how much I wanted to be with the Lord, but had other stuff.  And my day just kept getting filled with the stuff of life.  And I kept telling the Lord, “Just a minute.  Maybe after the kids are playing this afternoon, or maybe after someone takes a nap or something.  I’ll get back to you.”  Before I knew it, it was the evening, and I’m standing at the stove, stirring my spaghetti, making supper.  And I realized I had never sat down with the Lord.   I was just kind of thinking about it, talking to God and my phone rings.  I had my cell phone beside me, and I look down and it’s my dad.  I pick it up and I answer and no one is on the other end.  So, I put it down and didn’t really think anything of it because my dad has a habit of pocket dialing.  I put it down and kept making supper.  The phone rings again and it’s my dad.  I pick it up and answer – nobody is there.  Five or six more times the phone rings – it’s my dad and nobody is on the other line.  FInally, I call him and ask him if he’s been pocket dialing me and he shows no record of having called me.  So, I put the phone down and I continue to make supper.  The phone rang for twenty minutes, a total of 100 times.

I’m a slow learner, so I kept answering it, or I would put it under a pillow, but I didn’t feel like I should turn it off.  I couldn’t figure out why my dad kept calling me.  All of a sudden, the Lord struck me with a thought.  I thought, “I wonder if I go sit down in my room with a Bible and I spend time with the Lord, if my phone will stop ringing?”  So, I stopped everything I was doing, put it all down, and I went in my room and sat down, and I picked up my Bible.  The minute I opened up my Bible my phone stopped ringing.  

I just thought it was really neat.  I was kind of disappointed in myself that God needed to do something like this to show me the importance of spending time with Him.  But, I love that he cares about me and being with me so much that He was willing to do that.  For me that moment was a life lesson in: when God calls, answer the phone and then sit down with Him.  Because He is seeking your heart, He is seeking time with you and that’s all that He wants, is to spend time with us.

In 2 Thessalonians 2:14 it says, “It was for this that He called you through our gospel: that you may gain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  He’s calling each and every one of us to be with Him.  And so will you answer the call?  Heavenly Father, I pray for everyone who is watching today, Lord.  That they hear your voice.  That when you call they answer that call, Lord, that they sit down with you and spend time hearing your heart.  Amen.