Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Our identity is truly found in Jesus and how Jesus sees us.
Tyrone Gray


Welcome to God Today.  My name is Pastor Tyrone Gray, I pastor a church in Louisiana called The Edge Church.  I want to talk to you just briefly today about identity and what that it.

To the young lady who finds identity in a makeup can and she feels beautiful if she had the right amount of makeup on.  Just to get the right amount of looks, the right amount of validation.  To the young man who feels his identity is found in people validating him or just celebrating him.  All of these things are great things – but our identity is not found in these things.Jesus’ life was also tempted.  Just like my and your life will always be tempted.  

The enemy came to Jesus and said, “If you really are who you say that you are, you will turn these stones into bread.”  This is an identity crisis right here.  Jesus did not have to prove that he was the Son of God.  And many times we try to prove that we really are a good person.  That we really are a beautiful person.  But, our identity is not found in any of these things.  It is not found in our success, it’s not found in our failures.  These are things that keep us in bondage.  But, our identity is truly found in Jesus and how Jesus sees us.  Don’t you know He died for you on the cross so that we may have this wonderful life?  Your identity is found in Him.

I want to pray for you today.  That you will not suffer or struggle with the idea of trying to be something when God has already made us to become that person.  So, let me pray for you today.  Father, I just pray right now to the person who is listening to the sound of my voice.  That they will no longer struggle with identity from the way that they look or from their appearance.  Whether it’s their race, skin tone, or even their shape or size.  But that, Lord God, that they would be confident in how you made them, in how you grafted them.  Lord, give them eyes so that they may see themselves the way that you see them.  Because they are a child of love.  I encourage you today.  Today you can start living your best life.  You have nothing to prove.  In Jesus’ name.  Thank you.