God’s Favour: Stop Walking Out Empty-handed

Monday, February 12th, 2018

When you finish praying say, I’m walking in favor because God said I’m not leaving empty-handed.
Dr Nasir Saddiki


Welcome to God Today!  This is Dr. Nasir Siddiki of WisdomMinistries.org and I have another word to share with you today on “favor”.  Favor, favor, favor.  How can we walk in favor everywhere we go?  The answer is real simple.  We have to come into the throne room.  The scripture says, “Come boldly to the throne room of grace to obtain mercy and grace in our time of need.”  Now that word “grace” is the word “charis”.  One of the aspects of charis or grace is favor.  You need grace to get saved, to get healed, to get blessed.  There are many aspects of grace, of the word charis, one of them is favor.  

So, the Bible says now, “Come boldly”…where?  “into the throne room.” Aha! We can come into the presence of God.  We’ve been washed in the blood of the lamb.  We are no longer sinners, we’ve been washed by the blood of Jesus.  We can enter into His throne room.  The book of Hebrews says, “Come boldly to the throne room of grace.”  The throne room of grace! What does that mean?  The throne room of favor.  We can come boldly into the throne room of favor to obtain.  That means we don’t leave that throne room empty handed, we don’t walk out with nothing in our hands.  Uh-uh.  To obtain mercy and grace.  Favor – in our time of need.  We can come before the Lord in prayer and we can leave His presence with mercy, forgiveness every time we’ve missed it.  

But, not only that, we also come away with grace or favor so we can leave obtaining mercy and favor…when?  In our time of need.  So, every time you have a need, get before Him in prayer and say, “Lord, I’m coming into your presence and your word says I’m not leaving empty-handed.  I’m leaving with mercy and grace.  Favor in my time of need.  Favor in every decision I have to make.  Favor with every decision maker I have to come across.  Favor with my boss.  Favor parking the car at the mall.  Favor with my family.  Favor in my business.  Favor everywhere that I go.  But, you have to receive it by faith.  So, when you finish praying say, “I’m walking in favor because God said I’m not leaving empty-handed.”  

Let’s pray.  I thank you, Lord, for this revelation of grace – of favor.  That you burn it into our hearts, that it produces 3600 fold in every life that is receiving this revelation, that they walk in favor because they believe it.  They come into your throne room, they receive it, they declare it, and favor follows them everywhere they go.  We ask this now in Jesus’ name.  Amen.