You See Scarred, But God Sees Beautiful

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

That was a moment that God had given me and I realized that was exactly where I needed to be.
Diana Levine


Hi there, I’m Diana Levine.  I’m the Rebbetzin of Kol Mashiach Messianic Synagogue in Melbourne, Florida. Welcome to God Today. Guess what? Today I’m confessing to you.  What I’m confessing to you is that sometimes I’m lazy, sometimes I get scared, and sometimes I’m overwhelmed.  This particular day was right after a conference.  Finished the conference it was fabulous, it was wonderful.  All I wanted to do was crawl into my seat on the plane and be left alone.  But, guess what happened to me?  As soon as I sat down and took out my book, a woman came and said, “Excuse me.”  And I went, “Oh no, I hope she’s not a talker.”  But, guess what?  She was a talker.  But, she was my God appointment that day.  

She started telling me her story.  Her story was she got married, she finally got pregnant and had two beautiful babies, two twins which both died independently of one another – within months.  Her husband got laid off, she got laid off.  Her life was full of despair.  She was so scarred, but she was beautiful. And that was the title of what I spoke about at that conference – being scarred, but just being beautiful to God.  As she wept on my shoulder, telling me all her friends had deserted her.  They didn’t want to hear about death, they didn’t want to hear about her sadness.  They wanted her to get up from her bed and resume her natural life.  She couldn’t – she was so full of despair.  

I put my arms around her and I just ministered to her all the words that God had poured into me.  And I realized, “Diana, you missed a God appointment.  You missed a moment in time when God put two people together to do His will.”  And so, as I put my arms around her, prayed with her, encouraged her, gave her – of course – my email.  And said, “Email me.  Let me know how you’re doing.”  I realized that that was a moment that God had given me and I realized that was exactly where I needed to be.

May you today have that God moment.  Be listening for it.  And I pray for you today. Father, each person that’s listening right now, let them see what they’re God appointment is.  Let them see the moment that you have for them to touch someone else’s life.  I pray this in Yeshua’s name.  Amen.