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Wednesday, March 21st, 2018Dr. Robert Lightfoot

Hearing the Heartbeat of God


Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Lightfoot, Executive Medical Director of Victory Health Partners and welcome to God Today. You know, Victory Health Partners, we’re a Christ-centered, faith-based medical healthcare facility for people who do not have insurance – low-income, uninsured adults.  I was going into work one morning, driving to work, and I was kind of fussing at God. I was saying, “Why do I do this? Lord, what’s my purpose here?” Maybe I was just being a little whiny, or maybe having a little pity party.  When I walked into my office – and I do the same thing every morning – I put my white coat on and I took my stethoscope and I placed it around my neck.

The Lord very clearly spoke to me. He said, “Son, [I love it when He calls me son] every time you listen, you get to hear my heartbeat.”  It put me to my knees. Every time we listen we get to hear His heartbeat. The heartbeat of God is what we need during these times. So, I pray today for me, for you, and for everyone listening, Lord, that we can hear, we can listen, and we can hear the heartbeat of God.  Have a blessed day.

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  1. Dear Dr. Robert Lightfoot,
    As you began sharing this morning, as you told about daily lifting the stethoscope and placing it around your neck, even as you spoke, I got an image of the Good Shepherd hoisting a little lamb onto his shoulders and carrying it. When you mentioned what God said to you, “Son, every time you listen, you get to hear my heartbeat,” I too dropped to my knees in my spirit. Surely the heartbeat of the least, the lost, and the lonely is the heartbeat of God. I was also touched by the phrase, “you get to”–what sacred privileges the Lord extends to us when He allows us to minister to His precious little lambs, the ones so dependent on Him through others like you, willing to be His loving, healing hands. God bless you for inspiring us all to see with His eyes and feel with His heart.

  2. I am retired now but worked with disadvantaged families for 35 years one day I was saying to God can I do something different as it’s so hard sometimes and he clearly said I have called you to work with these people and he always Blessed the work , it’s a privilege to serve 🙏

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