You Can Hear from God

Monday, March 26th, 2018

We are called to love the world in such a way that we see what God originally wanted.
Shawn Bolz


Hi, I’m Shawn Bolz from Bolz Ministries and this is God Today. I want to encourage you.  1 Corinthians 14:1 in the Message version says, “Follow love like your life depends on it.  And eagerly desire to prophesy.” Now, these two go hand in hand because when you start to follow love you start to see the gaps between where people are at and where God’s called them to be.  Even unsaved people, you start to see who they can be. You’re not focused on who they’re not and who they don’t want to be, you’re focused on who God wants them to be.

It’s such a beautiful picture when you start to know the culture of His love, which actually upgrades the whole world around you.  It’s not just seeing through rose-colored glasses, it’s actually seeing people the way He originally designed them and formed them to be.  Before prophecy is a gift, you start to hear God’s culture of His heart for the world around you. I believe all Christians are called to do this.  We are called to love the world in such a way that we see what God originally wanted to manifest and then we start to declare it. We start to tell people who they really are.  

The whole world, and politics, and entertainment, and education, they want to know, “Does God plus something actually equal something.  Does it actually equal a different kind of fruit or a different outcome? Or can I get there on my own anyway?” As a Christian when we start to see what God wants it creates this sense of, “Oh my gosh, I can’t get their without God bringing me there.  I can’t do this on my own. God is choosing to give me something that is beyond my ability. When I hear God He gives me different options than I would have had before.

Today God wants to speak to you.  Today God wants to give you upgrades on what He’s already spoken to you.  Today God has more for you. I think a lot of times when we think about hearing God’s voice it’s always about, “I have a destiny,” or “There’s things for me to do.”  But, what about the people that He loves that He just wants to introduce you to? Have you ever thought about the people in your life and thought, “What did God originally design them to be like or to be doing in their life?”  And actually believed with your faith you upgraded their life choices?

I believe God wants to speak to us in ways that we could never hope for, dream for, or even imagine.  I’m going to pray for you today that you hear God in some powerful ways and that you start to see the Father’s original dream in those around you.  Holy Spirit, thank you that you focus us on who God is and what God’s doing. Thank you, Holy Spirit, that you show us who Jesus is and how Jesus wants to manifest in the world around us.  And you don’t focus on what you’re not doing, you focus us on what you are doing. I pray that today we would feel as a powerful people group that we could hear you, God. That we could hear you in the world around us, that we could hear you for ourselves.  That you speak things that are so beautiful and so wonderful that it causes us to have a different outcome. Give us the faith, today, to really hear your voice as we follow love. In Jesus’ name.