Do You Really Believe in Miracles?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

It is the heart of Jesus that all are healed. It is never the will of live in sickness.  
Jordan Morris


Hi, I’m Jordan Morris with Together In The Harvest and this is God Today. I want to share with you today about a subject you find continually throughout the Bible.  It is something also that is also such a pursuit of my heart as an evangelist who preaches the gospel, and that is working in miracles / living a life of the miraculous. It’s something in my life that I have sought throughout the New Testament that Jesus repeats over and over again.  There is a scripture in the Bible in Matthew 15 that Jesus is going through a certain village or a town and it says that they brought to Him the crippled, the deaf, the blind, the mute, and many other cognitions (the Bible says).  And it says the following words, “Jesus healed them all”.

Something in my life that I have so often yearned for is that there would never be a person in a meeting where I have the honor to preach, that would have to go away sick.  And it grieves my heart that so often times in the body of Christ, if I can be honest with you, that we have made excuses to validate people not getting healed. And I do not find this in the Bible.  I understand when people go to a scripture and they say, “Well, Jesus could do no great works in that time.” But, you cannot find one scripture in the Bible, if I could challenge you today – if you’d allow me, that ever says that Jesus could not heal somebody.  I have told you before, but that is the standard by which we dreamers live. Jesus is our standard. If Jesus lived with the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that we have today, there should never be a reason that we are okay with the fact that somebody doesn’t get healed.  

What am I sharing with you today?  We must contend as Christians and believers of the gospel that not only was salvation bought by the blood of Jesus but so was our healing.  You cannot tell me today that the blood of Jesus was not poured out for us that a young boy in a wheelchair, a blind mama, a young girl with autism, could not be healed.  It is the heart of Jesus that all are healed. It is never the will of God that we are to live in sickness.

I am challenging you today as a Christian, as a believer of God – wheelchairs, blind eyes – do not see them as a distraction, but see them as a target to attack for the glory of God.  Let me pray for you today. Father, I ask for every precious life watching right now. That, Lord, there will be such a conviction of our hearts to walk in the miraculous as you did, precious Jesus.  That with your Holy Spirit, you commanded us to do one thing, “Lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” Lord, I ask of our very precious viewer right now, give us faith to lay hands on the sick and see what the Lord said would be performed in front of our eyes. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.