Different Ways of Hearing From God

Friday, April 6th, 2018

Our Lord Jesus that leads us into His face, into His presence, and then into His will.
Jack G. Smith


Hi, I’m Jack G. Smith from Upper Room Ministries Santa Barbara.  Welcome to God Today. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about hearing the voice of God.  When I first became a Christian about 12 years ago, one of my biggest struggles was I was going to church, I was doing the things I thought I should do as a new believer.  I was reading my Word. But, what I couldn’t understand was why God wouldn’t speak to me like so many other people. I just couldn’t hear anything for myself. I was wondering, “Who do I need to connect with?  Where should I even go to church sometimes?” Really the important decisions that were near to my heart. Everyone told me about this God of relationship yet I was stuck. I was stuck in this rut of not being able to know what my new Father’s voice sounded like or what I should do with that voice if I did even hear it.  

There were three really important scriptures that literally changed my life and gave me this understanding that even if it is not an audible voice there is a spirit to spirit connection with our Lord Jesus that leads us into His face, into His presence, and then into His will.  The first scripture was James 1:5. It’s: “The Lord of all knowledge”. “If anyone lacks knowledge, come to me. The Lord of all knowledge will give it liberally without reproach.” That means, “Hey, if you don’t know what’s going on ask me and trust me. I’m going to give you all the wisdom that I have.”  

The second one was, “My sheep hear my voice.”  Really simple scripture, right? If you’ve accepted Jesus into your life, guess what?  You’re His sheep. You’re a part of the fold, you’re a part of the flock. Trust that you hear His voice.  The third one is – guess what? It’s a real, real simple one. “Knock and I’ll answer.” He’s the God of all wisdom.  If you lack wisdom, ask – He will give it liberally. “My sheep hear my voice”. You’re His sheep – trust that you can hear His voice.  The last one was what? “Knock and I’ll answer.” He can be found, guys. So what happens is that we get these scriptures in us and then we trust.  We stand on the Word and we say, “Lord, I trust that I can hear your voice.” We agree with those words. All of a sudden we have that spirit to spirit relationship.  

I just want to pray that you get that relationship connection today.  In Jesus’ name, let these scriptures just go deep, Lord. I just pray that you confirm it, even by your presence, as our friends are believing your Word that you begin to confirm these scriptures in their spirit, in their heart, and even in the natural with the manifestation of your glory.   In Jesus’ name, I bless you. Amen.