Here’s How to Receive Miracles and Breakthrough in Your Life

Monday, April 9th, 2018

You can receive a life of miracles and breakthroughs.  Honor is the key to unlock faith.
Russell Evans


Hi, I’m Russell Evans from Planetshakers and I’m so glad you’re with us with God Today. You know, I want to speak to you briefly about the concept of honor.  Honor is talked about a lot through scripture. In fact, if you look at the first miracle Jesus ever did, it’s when they honored what He said was when the water was turned to wine.  The second recorded miracle was when a nobleman came to Jesus and before that Jesus was in His hometown and the Bible says, “He could not do a mighty work because they did not honor Him.”  

Honor is attached to miracles, honor is attached to breakthrough.  I began to look at what honor meant. Honor came from the concept of when coins were weighed, the heavier they were the more weight they are, the more value they are.  So what really honor is is something that has value, has weight. What you honor is what you give weight to. What you give weight to is what you receive form. Think about that with your family.  Honor your parents and it will go well with you. When you honor your parents you receive the weight of what they have, you receive what they carry and it goes well for you.

The Kingdom of God is based around honor.  In fact, without honor we cannot experience salvation.  Honor is faith’s best friend. Jesus died for the whole world.  He died for all our sins, He died for every single person. It isn’t until people come and give weight to what He has done and give value to what He has done then they receive salvation.  As they receive salvation they give Him faith. Honor is the key that unlocks faith. I want to encourage you. Honor the people around you. Honor God in your life. Honor His word.

When I was growing up, I had the devil speak to me about my destiny – that I couldn’t do this and I couldn’t do that.  At the same time I had the voice of God speaking about my destiny to be a spokesman to nations. I had two voices speaking to me.  It was the voice that I honored, is the voice that I empowered. I want to encourage you – honor God’s voice. When you empower His voice in your life miracles and breakthroughs happen.  I’m sitting here today and I say, “God, you’ve done amazing things. We’ve touched millions and millions of people’s lives through toe Gospel. How did that happen?” It happened because one day I honored what He said about my future and continue to honor His word every day.  He came and took over the rest and did mighty works through us.

The same can happen to you.  You can receive this breakthrough.  You can receive a life of miracles and breakthroughs.  Honor is the key to unlock faith. Let’s pray. Father, today I thank you for these amazing people listening today.  I ask you that you would minister to them and give them a revelation of honor. As they honor God and honor the people God puts in their lives, and as they honor your voice, Lord, we believe for miracles and breakthroughs, healings and deliverances, provision and prosperity.  Bless your children and I thank God for them today. You’ve been listening to God Today. I’m Russell Evans and I want to shake the planet.