The Shema

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Sometimes He does it as ice, sometimes He does it as steam, and others as water.  It’s the same God.
Scott Sekulow


Shalom, I’m Rabbi Scott Sekulow, and I want to welcome you to God Today. I want to share with you a scripture that, for me as a Jewish person growing up, meant a lot.  That was the “Shema”: “Sh’ma Yisra’eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad”. [Translated]Hear, oh Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One”.  But this topic is a tough thing for a Jewish person to understand when they talk to their Christian friends about God and they say there is three parts.  That is something I had to deal with. The answer came with the word “Echad / one”. That word in Hebrew doesn’t just mean “one”, but it means the plural of one.  How can God be more than one, how can there be a plural of one?

I thought about it one day when I was looking at a glass of water.  I went back to my chemistry days when I realized that water is made up of H2O.  In its standard form it is just liquid. But when you freeze it, it becomes ice.  When you heat it up it becomes steam. Three separate parts, but they never change.  They are always the same H2O. That’s how we see our God. We can call upon our God to do many things.  Sometimes He does it as ice, sometimes He does it as steam, and others as water. It’s the same God. That’s what it means by saying, “Hero”.  Because our God is one.  Many parts bringing us together.

That’s what God wants us to do with Him.  We want to come together with God being that part of one with Him.  That’s what He wants to say to you today. When you have your friend out there that maybe doesn’t know the Lord and he asks you this question, just remember that glass of water.  You can show him that triune nature of God in that simple picture. He can see the oneness of our true God.

Let us pray.  Abba Father, we come before you right now.  Lord, give us the strength today to share our faith and to know that your Spirit, your Son, and you are one.  As you come together, Lord, guide us to share our faith with those that don’t know you. We ask this in your son, Yeshua Jesus’ precious name.  Amen.