Understanding the Trials that You Face

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Don’t stop just before the victory.  Keep your attention, keep your focus on the Lord.  
Rick Joyner


Well, welcome to God Today.  What is God doing today? What is he doing with you?  There are ways that we can discern this, very easy to discern.  One of the ways is by understanding the trials that come into our life.  We are told in Acts 14:22, “Through many tribulations, we will enter the Kingdom of God.”  Tribulations are a trial, they are trials. With every trial in our life, there is a gateway to the Kingdom.  Every trial, every tribulation is an opportunity for us to enter the Kingdom in a new way.

One way we can discern what God is doing today in our personal life is the trials we have in our life.  He’s promised He is never going to allow us to be tested beyond what we can endure. If you’re getting close to a point where you feel, “I can’t take this anymore,” the victory is near.  Don’t stop just before the victory. Keep your attention, keep your focus on the Lord.

When the Lord Jesus was asked about the signs of the end of the age, He only gave us three things to do.  After He outlined all of the trouble that were going to come upon the world, He gave us three things to do to meet all those troubles victoriously.  We are called to meet every trial victoriously. He said “Stand up,” number one. Which to me says, we stand for our convictions, we never retreat before the enemies of the Truth, we stand boldly for the truth of the gospel that we’ve been trusted with.  Number two, He said, “Look up.” Keep our attention on the one who is sitting on the throne. He sits above all rule, and authority, and power, and dominion. Like Peter, when he looked at the Lord he could walk on the troubled waters. When he started looking at the waters (the troubles) he started to sink.  Keep looking up. So stand up, look up. Number three, He said, “Rejoice.” Don’t ever lose your joy in the Lord. “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” Who should have greater joy in this Earth than those who know and are following the King of Kings? Remember those three: stand up, look up, and rejoice.