Dimensions of Prayer Part 1: Blessing

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

I want you to understand that God wants to bless you.
Robert Henderson


This is Robert Henderson and this is God Today. I am known for the teachings on the court of Heaven.  I want to talk to you about this for just a few moments.  I teach out of the book of Luke, out of Luke 11 and Luke 18, that Jesus actually put prayer into three dimensions.  He put it as approaching God as father, as friend, and as judge. What you have to understand is, as we approach Him as father, as friend, and as judge, that each one of those realms opens up another dimension of the Spirit.  

For instance, when we approach Him as father, we actually step into a “Hebrews 4:16” realm which is called a “throne of grace”.  See, the Bible says we could come boldly before the throne of grace to obtain mercy and grace to help us in our time of need. Please hear me.  That’s what we get from the Father. I want to encourage you today. As you begin to approach God as Father, as you just come and say, “Lord, you’re my Abba Father, according to Romans 8:15.  You’re the Abba Father, you’re the one that loves me, you’re the endearing one, you’re the caring one, you’re the forgiving one. I am stepping into this place of grace and of mercy where my needs are met.”  Even as you step into that realm, to begin to ask Him for that which is most pressing on you. Maybe it’s a need for your family, maybe it’s a financial issue, maybe it’s in your marriage, maybe it’s in your children.  Perhaps it’s in your grandchildren. I want you to understand that God wants to bless you.

Right now, I release you into the throne of grace as you come near to Him who is your Father,  He loves you so dearly, He cares for you so greatly. He will hear the slightest whisper and even sigh of your heart.  May you be blessed and encounter Him as you approach Him as your father. Lord bless you.