Tear Your Life and It Will Multiply

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

As you tear your life, it will explode, it will multiply, and God will give you more.
Randy Needham


Hi, I’m Pastor Randy Needham of Dwelling Place Church in Houston, TX.  Today I would like to talk to you on God Today about my life message. This has transformed my life and I believe it will transform your life.

I didn’t come from a wealthy background.  I didn’t know the Lord growing up. I became saved as a teenager, but much of my life I felt limited.  I pastored in a very small community when I began, I didn’t seem to have extraordinary talents or abilities.  But, God spoke to me one day in this time of feeling limited. He showed me something in the scriptures that absolutely has brought great multiplication to my life and thousands of others.

Do you remember the story of the multiplication of the loaves and the fish?  When Jesus said to the disciples, “Feed a multitude.” They had nothing and they were in a wilderness.  It’s the same for us today. That wasn’t just a parable, that wasn’t just a story, it really happened. Jesus was teaching us the Kingdom.  I want to encourage you today. The disciples took this little boy’s loaves and fish. Jesus blessed them and they went into a multitude. They had to have the faith to walk in with just a little bit.   I call it a “Happy Meal” from McDonald’s. They had to walk into that crowd with just a little bit. When they tore it, a miracle of multiplication happened. In fact, there was so much at the end, there were 12 baskets leftover.  I believe that was for the disciples that gave away what God had blessed.

Listen.  I want to tell you.  Many people send away their destiny because they feel they have nothing.  The disciples originally said, “Jesus, send the multitude away.” But, He said, “No.  GIve me what you have.” I want to tell you. The miracle of multiplication is when you tear the little you have.  If you will tear your life – that’s the way I say it – if you tear your life, if God gives you revelation, if He gives you a song, if He gives you a teaching, if He gives you an ability to do anything.  If you will walk into your life and tear your life. Give it away freely. Give it away wherever the Lord leads you to go. As you tear your life, it will explode, it will multiply, and God will give you more.

I’m going to pray for you right now.  Father, thank you that we do not despise what you have given us.  Lord, thank you that we can take and you will show us what is in our hand.  That’s blessed, that we can give it, we can feed, we can clothe, we can bless the entire world.  Father, thank you for multiplying people’s’ lives today in Jesus’ name.