Tapping Into Your Healing

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Don’t turn to other things, but turn to Jesus and Jesus will touch you.
Chris Mikkelson


Hello, God Today, this is evangelist Chris Mikkelson.  I just want to encourage you with a quick testimony today of the healing power of God.  Maybe you’re going through something as well in your body I pray today that this testimony will encourage you to believe God for your miracle.

Recently we were in the nation of Pakistan doing a mass evangelistic gospel campaign.  Where we saw 10,000s of people make a decision to follow Jesus Christ. One of the people that came that night was a woman who came by bus for more than 10 hours.  She was not a Christian woman, she was of a different religion. Some of her friends had told her that she needed to find a witch doctor to help her with this physical ailment that she had in her body.  But, then on the television that night she heard about our gospel campaign happening in this other city 10 hours away. So, she traveled all day by but to get to the meeting. She came with faith and anticipation.  That night, as we prayed to Jesus, not only did she receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, but she also received her miracle. And God touched that woman, all the pain left her body, and God completely healed her in Jesus’ name.   

I want to encourage you today.  No matter what you are going through, don’t turn to anything else.  Don’t turn to other things, but turn to Jesus and Jesus will touch you.  Right now, let me pray for you. Father, I thank you for each and every person watching.  I pray right now, whatever they’re going through, whatever pain that’s in their body, be healed in the name of Jesus.  Lord, I thank you for it and we give you glory and praise in Jesus’ name. Amen.