The Eagle

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

We have power in our anointing to seek the wisdom that God has for each of us.
Jospeh Payne


Hello, this is Joseph Payne, and welcome to God Today. I was thinking of an eagle.  If you’ve ever seen an eagle perched up, sitting.  Just the majestic nature of an eagle. An eagle is in many of our symbols that we have all around.  The eagle represents the United States. An eagle represents strength and all that’s within them. The one thing that we don’t see is the eagle wasting energy.  Many times as we watch the programs we see an eagle sitting and spotting. Because the tagle knows that once it leaves its perch it has to spend an enormous amount of energy to get back up to where it left from.

How much energy are we spending leaving our perch?  Leaving our place that we are at just to go down and inspect something.  Before you jump off before you leave before you fly down to expend a lot of energy checking out something, begin to consult God.  Know if it is your time. Know if it is your place. Know if you go down there, just as an eagle flies down to grab a perch out of the water, know if you go down there, are you going to be fed?  Are you going to be given sustenance? Or are you going to waste time? We don’t need to waste time. Our time is limited. Let us be aware that we have power in our presence, we have power in our anointing to seek the wisdom that God has for each of us.  Seeking that wisdom we can know when is the time and when is the season that we can leave and go and God will surely provide to us.