Do You Desire and Pursue Spiritual Gifts?

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

With bubbling over, boiling water zeal you are supposed to be seeking God for spiritual gifts.
Ron Cantor


Hi, everybody, my name is Ron Cantor, I am the regional director for GOD TV in Israel, and you are watching God Today. Do you know that the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 14:1 that you are to, “Pursue love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts.  Especially prophecy.”  Now, obviously as believers we know that we are supposed to pursue love.  But, are you also pursuing eagerly desiring spiritual gifts?  That word translated, “eagerly desiring”, is technically one word in greek and it means literally “bubbling over like boiling water with zeal”.  With bubbling over, boiling water zeal you are supposed to be seeking God for spiritual gifts.  Not so you can be cool, not so you can impress your friends – so you can share the gospel.  Because when God does a miracle in somebody’s life, it opens up their eyes.

I remember one time I was just in a restaurant and I walked in the back kitchen because I worked there.  There was a guy there who had cut his hand right when I walked in there he had cut his hand.  The Bible says we can pray for the sick.  That’s a spiritual gift – healing.  Blood was pouring down his arm.  I said, “Would you like that bleeding to stop?”  I was a new believer.  And he said, “Well, yeah!”  And I said, “In the name of Jesus, I command that bleeding to stop.”  Suddenly, the bleeding stopped – within 20 seconds.  You say, “Oh, Ron, maybe it wasn’t cut that deep.”  Listen to me.  He was an atheist, a drug addict.  He was walking around that kitchen saying, “Oh my God.  Oh my God.”  He thought it was a miracle so maybe you should think it is a miracle.  Not only that – God wants to use you to do the same things.  The spiritual gifts are our equipment to open up people’s eyes so that they will hear the gospel.  God wants to use you more than you want to be used.  Just begin to step out in the Spirit.  You are going to find out that God is going to use you.

Let me pray for you.  Father, today use my brother, use my sister in the gifts of the Spirit as they eagerly desire those spiritual gifts.  Especially prophecy as your word says.  In Jesus’s name.  Be proactive, pray this morning, ask God for that in Jesus’ name.