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Friday, May 25th, 2018Rich Marshall

Don’t Miss This Key About Tithing


Hi, this is Rich Marshall with GOD TV, and so glad to have you with us today on God Today. I wanted to talk to you about tithing today.  Years ago when I was a pastor, there was a couple that came to our church.  She was a strong believer, he was not. The only reason he came was because all his friends came to our church.  I had the privilege of meeting this man, becoming his friend, and speaking into his life long before he came to know the Lord.

One Sunday morning when I was talking before the offering about tithing, he turned and said to his wife, loud enough so that everyone in the room heard it, “If that man talks about tithing one more time, I am going to get up and leave.”  Well, someone down the row – one of his friends – heard him say that and whispered back to him (also loud enough for others to hear), “Hey, before you get on its case, why don’t you try it. If you haven’t tried tithing, try it before you complain.”  He said, “That made sense to me, so I started tithing.” He came to me sand said, “Can I give a testimony at church about tithing?” I wasn’t concerned about what he would say, but how he would say it. He was one of these guys that – all of his life was not redeemed yet.  He was the only man that ever said to me, “ [BLANK] good sermon, pastor.” You can fill in the blank. I thought, “Well, he’s probably got a good testimony, but how’s he going to say it. Ok, go ahead and do it.”

So, He got up and he recounted the story about how he’d heard me talk about tithing and how he had said, “If he does it again I am going to walk  out of the church service.” Folks, I tried it. And it works. I want to say to you today: if you’re not tithing, you’re just plain stupid.” It was one of the most powerful testimonies we ever had on giving.  It was given by a man who had just found out, not because of study, but because of practice. Tithing really does work. I’m not going to talk to you today about calling you stupid. I’m just going to say to you today: before you complain about the word of God find out if it really works.  Tithing is one of those things that works. So many of the commands of God maybe hard for you – it’s going to work in your life.

I encourage you today: just become an obedient Christian.  Let me pray for you today. Father, I know in our lives there are some commands that are just hard.  Seem so difficult. Tithing might be one of those. If we’ve never done it, to think that we can give 10% to you, might stretch us far beyond what we can handle.  But, your promise is there – we claim it today. Be blessed as you tithe. Be blessed as you obey the Lord. God bless you. This is Rich Marshall with God TV.



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  1. Yes, it is not egoistic to do so, but for sure sustaining YOU. Same with first fruits also: As we recently flew back from the US, first the guy on the check-in saw that we did not know, we should pay an additional USD 120 for the suitecases, new policy from April, but the booking was done in December, so he granted us to NOT pay that. Then we missed the connection flight and got the better seating in the next plane, of course all stay-over expenses covered. A guy told us, you can file restitition for that company in your country for missing the plane and finally home we got two messages of two energy companies, saying they are going to pay back a big portion of the pre-paid energy bill. We just had paid our first fruits and the total value of the refunds was over 50% of those first fruits….so PTL, putting it to the test, Maleachi (3,10) really works for you and will BLESS YOU!

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