Receiving a David Anointing on Your Life

Sunday, May 27th, 2018

I don’t know what you’re facing today, but God does.  He sees you and He is working.
Dale Mast


Welcome to God Today.  My name is Dale Mast, author of And David Perceived He Was King.  I wanted to share a couple of thoughts form it. First of all, God has created you with a destiny.  For you to enter into the destiny that he has for you, you have to realize that He knew you and He formed you in your mother’s womb.  But, even before He formed you, He knew you. What does that mean? He has a blueprint for your life. He put His genius inside of you and when you discover that genius that He has put inside of you, wonderful things starts to happen.  When you fulfill your destiny, you can tell because not only do you win, but you cause other people to win. When David stood in front of Goliath, he did not just win a battle over the giant. He literally caused the whole army of Israel to rise up and come into victory when they had been frozen in fear.  

What am I saying to you?  If there is a David anointing on your life, and sometimes you walk into a room or a situation and people can’t move in faith, but God has anointed you to break things open. If you can take down that Goliath in the room which God has anointed you to, people will come out of hiding. People will believe that they can win because you have own.  Your victory actually helps usher people into a place of believing they can win. I don’t know what you’re facing today, but God does. He sees you and He is working. Not just for you, He is working through you.  I just speak that “Davidican” anointing is coming over you and you are not just going to stand and speak, but you are going to run towards Goliath because God has put victory inside of you.

I just pray today that as you go through this day, maybe it is somebody who is down, maybe it is somebody who you can tell they are fighting some depression, maybe it is somebody who cannot really get a hold of a place to believe for their future, but I believe God is sending you into the midst of people’s frozen situations to bring back the spirit of victory.  You are special in God’s Kingdom and I just release a “Davidican” anointing over you to shift things in this day. In the name of Jesus.