The Father/Child Partnership with God - God Today
Monday, May 28th, 2018Terry Tyson

The Father/Child Partnership with God


Welcome to God Today.  My name is Terry Tyson, I’m the founder of “PartneringWith”.  Today we are going to look at this old paradigm that most business leaders have been taught.  That paradigm – it’s a good one – it’s called servant leadership. But, there is a new paradigm that Father is working on to come up into and expand from that servant leadership foundation.  That new paradigm is a father/son partnership.

I love this verse: Ephesians 4:6, “One God and father of all who is above all, by all, and in all.”  Now, think of those last three phrases: above by, and in. All three are dimensions of how we can partner with Him.  He’s raised us up, seated us with Him in Christ next to Him. We can partner with Him seated there and pray down over our business from Heaven.  He’s right next to us. We can grab ahold of Him especially when our business has to go forward and press through the hindrances and the blocks that we haven’t gotten through.  When we have Him at our right hand, or has our back, or He’s gone before us, that’s a hold different faith paradigm of partnering with Him.

The last dimension is Him on the inside of us.  As we think of Him on the inside of our spirit, enthroned there in His rightful place, that means Terry has to get off that throne and let Him be Father, let Him be King, let Him rule from the inside out.  What another great way for us to partner with Him. If you’re a business leader, or executive, or even board of directors, I want to pray with you. Father, I ask that you would build and expand this foundation of servant leadership that is already in these men and women.  And you would stretch them into this partnership that they have with you that is seated in Heavenly places, praying down over their business. You would stretch them into this partnership they have with you right next to them, moving through their Jerichos and their Goliaths.  Having them on the inside of them, enthroning you as King, and letting you rule from the inside and changing everything on the outside.