Isaiah 61 and Your Marriage

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

The more I got healed, and the more he got healed...the happier our marriage was and the better it got.
Kathy Tolleson


Hi, my name is Kathy Tolleson and welcome to God Today. We’ve been talking about marriages and I just want to share that my husband and I, years ago, decided that we wanted to have n Isaiah 61 marriage.  And what I mean by that is that we wanted to apply Isaiah 61 to our personal lives in such a way that it would impact our marriage. I am a counselor and so, a lot of times, people come and it is kind of like they want to drop off their marriage and have me fix it, like it is something separate from themselves.  But really, marriage is two people. If a marriage is having a problem it means two people are having a problem.

We began to believe everything that Isaiah 61 says.  We began to believe that God could heal our broken hearts.  We brought a lot of baggage into our marriage from our childhoods and from previous relationships.  We needed healing in our marriage. We also know that Isaiah 61 said, “ To set the captives free.” Sometimes we needed deliverance in our marriage.  It also says, “For shame we should have double honor.” Instead of trying to hide our shame, and trying to control our shame we began to get honest and transparent.  

We wanted the Lord in every arena, even in restoring.  The Bible says in Isaiah 61 that, “He comes to restore the desolation of many generations.  We wanted to take those generational curses and sins to the cross so they did not have to live and dwell and affect our marriage.  We began to apply that personally and we began to find that we began to have an Isaiah 61 marriage. Healing is one of the most important things.  When we have damage, or we have trauma in our lives, or we have ungodly thinking in our lives, we bring that into the marriage. We can be really touchy, we can get offended really easily.  It is really about your spouse touching a wound that was already there. We’ve began to apply that to our marriage and found that the more I got healed, and the more he got healed – guess what – the happier our marriage was and the better it got.

I want to pray for you today that you would not just try to do marriage in a place that is wounded and be defensive and try to blame your spouse for your problems and different things.  But, you would take ownership, that you could go to Jesus Christ and He will heal any damage that you have, anything that is affecting your family, anything that is affecting you. I pray today that you would find the anointing of Jesus Christ to bring healing into your personal lives and you will see your marriage healed and you will see revival in your marriage.