The Maturity we find in Christ

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

God wants to give you wisdom and maturity...Thank God for the process, believe your Father does all things well.
Dr Bill Hamon


Hi, I’m Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop of Christian Apostolic Network.  Welcome to God Today. Today God is talking to you and ministering to you.  I want to share a truth with you that is very important.  I wrote “10 M’s” that I use. It is “10 M’s” in Spanish or English, it is still “10 M’s”.  One of them is “maturity”. I tell you. This is something I have been very discouraged about over the years.  I have been a bishop. I have had to deal with prophets, apostles, evangelists, teachers, ministers all over the country.  The lack of maturity. Some saints are immature, but it is sad when a preacher is a pastor of 10,000 and is so immature, so fickle, so ornery you have to handle him with kids’ gloves.  He can’t stand to be corrected or adjusted, he gets mad and angry.

You know, God needs maturity.  What we need to be is like Jesus Christ.  So many people say, “I want to rule and reign with Christ.”  I don’t find one and 10,000 saints ready to rule over anything.  God wants us to be at a place where we think like God, we act like Jesus, we perform like Jesus.  There is maturity and maturity comes.

One time I had a property.  I couldn’t make the payment and I lost the property.  I complained to God for six months. He wouldn’t talk to me.  I said, “God, we lost the ¼ of a million dollars worth of property.  Brother gave me a $50,000 check.” I was complaining, and complaining, and complaining.  He wouldn’t talk to me for six months. One night I was out walking and God started talking to me.  He said, “Bill Hamon, you feel like you lost that money.” He said, “You didn’t lost that money. That was my investment and paying tuition for your wisdom and maturity.”  He said, “I can give you people, properties, things overnight. But, I can’t give you wisdom and maturity. That takes a process.” And He said, “I know what I planned for you in years to come.”  That was in ‘78, and just a few months later, God revealed what division of the company of prophets that I was called to pioneer.

Let me tell you.  God wants to give you wisdom and maturity, but it is a process that you need to go through.   Thank God for the process, believe your Father does all things well.