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Sunday, June 17th, 2018Jordan Morris

Stay on the Table


Hi, I’m Jordan Morris with Together In The Harvest and this is God Today.

I’d like to share with you – a thought today – that if I were to entitle it I would call it this: Stay On The Table.  I understand that it, at first thought, might seem like quite a vague scenario to present to you, but let me tell you about something that I believe the Lord has put on my heart this week when I was sharing.  “Stay at on the table” is something that I preached a sermon once, but I want to bring out a small part of this to you today.  It is found in the book of Jeremiah.  It says, “And the Lord said to Jeremiah, ‘Go down to the potter’s house.’”  So, Jeremiah goes down to the potter’s house – to simplify for this for you today.  And he sees a potter.  But, the Bible says that the clay was marred in the hands of a potter.  He shaped it again as seemed good to him.  See in your life, this refers to us as clay vessels.  We are in the hands of the Potter.  Our lives are like clay in the hands of the Potter.  Often times it seems that we may feel marred, but the Bible says that God shaped the pot again as seemed good to Him.

How are we shaped?  Often times in life adversities and trials come.  If I am going to be honest with you today, we are not shaped on the mountaintops.  The victories in life and the successes – often times – are not the things that shape us, but it is those valley experiences when we feel like our lives are sometimes spinning out of control.  Let me submit a thought to you today that may actually change your thought process on this.  In the spinning is the shaping.  It is only when the pot is spun in the hands of the Potter that shaping can occur.  What am I telling you?  In your life when you feel that sometimes you are spinning out of control, “I am losing my job”, “I am losing finances”, “my child is away from God”.  It feels like your life is spinning out of control, but be assured today.  In the spinning is the shaping.  There is no shaping without adversity and trials in our life.  If you are walking today through a storm, through a situation in your life, be encouraged today.  God can shape you while you are spinning in your life.

Let me pray for you today – if you will.  Father, I pray for every precious viewer today who is going through a hard time in their life.  Lord, I pray for that mom who may have lost her job, that father who has a daughter who is away from you.  Lord, would you shape them in the process of this spinning in their life,  Lord, would you bring something out of them that would shape them for the rest of their life.  Father, let that good word that is in them come out of them in this season as they are put under pressure.  God, you will bring something beautiful out of this situation in their life because your word tells us so.  In Jesus’ precious name.  Amen.