How to Know God

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

When you choose to know God and not just know of God, all you have to do is throw the rock.
Joe Manno


Hey, I’m Joe Mano, Pastor of Orlando Family Church in Orlando, Florida.  Welcome to God Today. I wanted to talk to you about David.  Not big David, not warrior David, but little tiny David.  Fourteen-year-old David. David, David, David, David. Man.  You are just like David, you just don’t know it yet. David is one of all these brothers.  These brothers are a lot older than him and Saul comes to anoint the king. When he comes to anoint the king they think it is all the brothers.  David was so not even thought of, just like how you probably feel you are right now. So not even thought of that he was out taking care of the sheep.  He didn’t even make the runway line-up. God rejected all of his brothers, and says “Whoa.” Samuel, the prophet who came to anoint a king in the house of Jesse, Samuel the prophet heard from God.  God said, “I’m not looking at the outward appearance, that’s what you all look at. I’m looking at the heart. Some of you don’t feel you have it, but you do. Listen. You made it. You are here. You are on this Earth for a reason.  God put you here. You are already just like David. You have a reason. You just have to have a right heart with God.

David gets up and goes to bring a basket of food to the front line where Saul and about 40,000 mean have been standing against the Philistines.  This giant from Gath, Goliath, keeps blaspheming God and every time he does all of Israel runs. They just know God. No, no, no. no. They just know of God.  They don’t know God. Here comes David, a little 14-year-old boy. He says, “I’ll fight the guy.” You know the story – I am shortening it a lot. He takes a rock, puts it in a sling, whips it around his head, fires that rock, puts it in a two-inch spot on the giant’s head.  Who just, by the way, told this 14-year-old boy, “I am going to rip your head off and feed your brains to the birds of the field.” But, David is like, “Listen, man. I fought a lion and a bear. And I will fight you. It’s not my battle, it’s God’s.”

You have to realize something.  When you choose to know God and not just know of God, all you have to do is throw the rock. God will hit the spot it is supposed to hit.  Don’t worry about what the world looks at you. They did it to him too. He became the greatest king in the Bible, outside of Jesus. You need to understand that God has put you on this Earth.  Father, in Jesus’ name, I praise you for these people that are watching today. They are going to realize that they are somebody, that you recognize their heart, that you’ve put them here for a reason.  Now, get up. Cross the line in life. Throw the rock. God will put it in the giant’s head. You will stand tall going, “I know God I just don’t know of Him. Because I have seen His power and I feel His love in my life.  In Jesus’ name. Would you say “Amen” with me? Have an amazing day because you are on this Earth for a reason and you make a difference.