A Spiritual Trust Account

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

The more prosperous our trust account becomes, and the better and stronger our marriage becomes.
Rodney Tolleson


Welcome to God Today. My name is Rodney Tolleson. Our ministry is Kingdom Life Now. I am very excited today. My wife and myself have been married for 33 years and we have done a lot of ministry to couples in their marriage, individually and together.

Today I want to talk about a key. I believe personally it is one of the most powerful things that a married couple can do. That is a “trust account”. I know sometimes people say, “What in the world is a trust account in marriage?” It is the most important thing that you could possibly have and do in your marriage. That is because if we break trust, even on little things, it’s not always the big things that breaks trust in a marriage, but even little things.

As I was thinking about this and kind of thinking what I would want to share with you, and be able to impart to you, I was thinking of myself. We are very strong in believing that husbands and wives need to be transparent with each other. I need to be transparent as a minister to you today. One of my weak areas was if I told myself I was going to be home at 6:00 at night and she was going to have dinner and i got really busy and time started running away with me, and I looked down and it’s a quarter after, and I start rushing and trying to get there. I call her up on the way home, sometimes it is 6:20, 6:25, and say, “I’m on my way, I’m sorry I’m late.” Well, that was too late. My personal trust account had been depleted already right there. I told her one thing, she prepared for 6:00, she had food ready at 6:00 and I blew it. All I would have had to do was simply texted her at 5:30 and said, “It looks like I am going to be a little bit late,” or called her, and she would have understood.

I challenge you men and women, that that is your greatest area where you can build trust. Sometimes we spend more time, we don’t think about what we can really do to build trust in each other. How do we talk to each other about trust? Like I say, start with the little things because the are just as important. The big things will get easier and easier. Being able to communicate with each other and find out what it is going to take and realize as you do – as me and my wife have for 33 years – we find out the more that we put into our trust account, the more prosperous our trust account becomes, and the better and stronger our marriage becomes.

Lord, I just pray today. I pray today for each and every couple watching today that you would show them. You would give them insight, you would give the wisdom on how to start on areas where trust has been broken – they would forgive each other and start rebuilding that trust. Let you show them how they can develop such a communication and such a lifestyle of trust that their marriage too will get better, and better, and better. I bless them today. In Jesus’ name.