How to Make Good Decisions

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

The Holy Spirit is always faithful to show us, and give us that clarity. We can make that decision.
Rodney Tolleson


Welcome to God Today. My name is Rodney Tolleson, our ministry is Kingdom Life Now. We do a lot of marriage boot camps and a lot of personal counseling, and working with couples. Today I want to talk to you you about decision making. Especially, to the men. Sometimes we get in trouble because – I hear men say it all the time – “I went ahead and made the decision, I will take the consequences, and I will ask for forgiveness later.” Men, that is wrong counsel. That is not Godly counsel. We need to learn how to be able to make decisions.

My wife and I have personalities that are so different, that we make decisions differently. We don’t go about making decisions the same way that someone of the same personalities would make decisions. One of the things that we learned early on in our marriage was if she and I disagree on something, God is trying to say something. We have to stop and lay down both of our opinions. I am a very good salesperson, so I can sell my life on something. She is a great litigator, so she could mitigate the reasons. We decided that we were not in agreement because in agreement, God commands a blessing for husband and wife. We would stop and we do it to this day – we will stop on a big decisions or a small decision. We will say, ”God, I lay down my thoughts, I lay down my decision.” And we pray. And we pray in the Spirit to the Lord, and we say, “Lord, show us what your decisions is. What is your best thing to do for this?” Many times He will give us totally different or He will show us why one of us might be inferior about something because of the past. Whatever it is.

God is faithful. The Holy Spirit is always faithful to show us, and give us that clarity. We can make that decision. Then we come into that decision in a way that we are a threefold cord. We are together with the Lord in it and we cannot turn on each other. We can’t say, “I knew we shouldn’t have done that. I didn’t think it was going to work.” No, we are in agreement. We believe God has told us. We are going to step into it together and stay in it together, no matter what the outcome.

I am praying for you today. I believe prophetically today there is someone listening to this that has a major decision. You and your wife are in disagreement. Lord, I am praying right now that they would oth lay down their decisions in the way they want it to be – trying to be right. Lord, allow them to come into a place to be righteous, and aks you, and you will give them clarity. They will have peace, they will make the right decision. Things will move forward for them. I pray this will become a lifestyle for them today. In Jesus’ name.