The Creator

Friday, August 10th, 2018

God is releasing creativity like never before because it is in His nature, and you are called to do it.
Shawn Bolz


Hi, I am Shawn Bolz for Bolz Ministries. This is God Today.
Have you ever considered the fact the first time the Holy Spirit came on somebody to do something was Bezaleel who was a creator, who was an architect of creativity, an “imagineer” so to speak, in Disney terms. He was somebody who God anointed to create everything that would be needed for the temple.
I think this is fascinating because God’s first reveal of identity is as a creator. As a person who grew up in the church, one of the things that I saw was missing so many times is true excellence in creativity, and true beauty in creativity. We started a church in Los Angeles because we wanted to provide a place a home, for people who were pursuing creative industries in a real way. I remember the first couple of years, what a struggle it was for people, where they felt so isolated and alone. Like, “Is there anybody else here who is believe for God to move in popular culture?” I want to encourage you that many of you who are watching, you have something inside of you that maybe no one is believing with you. Maybe it is a creative art, maybe it is a creative industry that you feel like you are supposed to touch or connect to. God Himself is the creator. He revealed Himself first that way because He wanted us to know not just that He is our Father, or that we are sons, or He is our bridegroom, we are His bride. But also, He wanted us to know what He loves about Himself, what He loves to do. He loves to create.
Some of you who are watching are extremely creative. All Christians have His spirit of creativity inside of us. We can be people who bring ingenuity, we can be people who bring new thoughts, or renaissance, or reformation. This is so powerful and empowering when you think this way. If you are called to be a creator, what are you creating? Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I called to create? How can I co-create with God?” Of course there are the artists and musicians, the people who are obvious in creativity, but what about you? The first way he released the Holy Spirit was in a creator. How is He going to release His spirit on you to co-create with Him?
I just pray for you right now, that you and God would have an encounter together. You would see how you are supposed to create in this Earth. Maybe it is creating new thought, maybe it is creating a place that is safe for people to – in your home – to do a home fellowship. Maybe t is something that is a business r an entrepreneurship. Maybe it is a creative, artisan, craft thing. I don’t know. All I know is God is releasing creativity like never before because it is in His nature, and you are called to do it. If you have never been given permission, I pray right now that you would feel full permission to do everything inside of you as a creator with God.