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Monday, August 20th, 2018Randy Needham

Pastor Painter


Hi, I’m Pastor Randy Needham of Dwelling Place Church in Houston, TX. I want to welcome you to God Today.
I am not only a pastor, but I am also a painter. I love creativity. This is something I discovered later in my life. I have realized that the creator lives in me. Our Father is a creator. As christians and believers, the Holy Spirit anoints us to do things to reveal the glory of God. That is why creativity is on the Earth. You might be a writer, musician, a songwriter. You might write scripts. Whatever you do, the Creator lives in you and creativity is to reveal the glory of God. His anointing will come on you to reveal, even through very simple things, the beauty of the Father. That is what creation is preaching to us right now. When you look at the beauty of a mountain, a sunset, an ocean, a beautiful beach, there is the creator revealing His glory. No artist can actually compare.
It is the same thing for every one of us. Everything we do, ask the Holy Spirit for creativity. Thank you, Father, for these people. Thank you that every one of them that are your children, has the Holy Spirit living in them. I thank you for the creative heart, the creative eye that is going to prophesy the love of God to their world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.