God-Given Creativity

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

I wanted to talk to you about inspiration and where that comes from.  For me, it comes from spending time with God.
Misha Hoyt


Hi, I am Misha, Messianic Recording Artist and welcome to God Today. Today I am going to talk to you about creativity. I see creativity in my life in the form of songwriting. I am a songwriter, singer, musician. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I think I wrote my first song when I was about 8 years old. I am quite a few years from that now. I wanted to talk to you about inspiration and where that comes from. For me, it comes from spending time with God, truly. It is in those quiet times and reading the BIble and journaling that I come up with ideas for songs, for prayers, for blogs, whatever it may be. All of my creativity flows out of my quiet time. If I am not doing that, if I am not taking the time to be quiet and listen and learn from the word of God, I don’t find myself in a very creative place.

A lot of my songs are from scripture directly. I will be reading something and I will think, “Oh, that sounds like a song. I will take a moment to be still, get my pen in my hand and begin to write, and listen, and create. I play piano, so I will go to the piano and create. Sometimes, when I am just driving in my car talking to God, I will get a melody or beat or rhythm. I will pull out my voice moms on my phone and record that. One of my most popular songs came in a matter of 20 minutes, sitting at the piano.

All of that flows from the deepest part of myself. The deepest part of myself is touched by the ultimate creator. It is when He touches that part that I feel I am the most creative. I want to pray for you, where you’re at, that God would touch you in the deepest part of yourself and would breed on the creativity on your life, that He put there. He is the ultimate creator, He created the whole world. I am going to pray for that for you today.

God I pray for the person watching today, listening, that you would allow them the space to be creative. That you would breathe on them, that you would stri up in them creativity and movement. God, if they’ve felt like they’ve been sitting on ground that is not moving, God, I pray you would break that defiled ground, that you would begin to stir in them passion for you and for your word. Out of that creativity would flow whether christian, or secular, whatever it may be. Any kind of creativity. God it all comes from you because you are the ultimate creator. I bless that in them today. I pray you would encourage them today with your spirit and your voice. In Jesus’ name. Amen.